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EUFOURIC BRANDS was founded in 2019 with the mission and promise of empowering outdoor professionals and enthusiasts with American made high quality gear for the best performance and best outdoor experiences.

We’ve grown up in the land of 10,000 lakes, and with that, a deep appreciation for the outdoors. We are hunters, we are fisherman, we are adventurers. We are drawn to the outdoors. As much as we are within the outdoors, the outdoors is within us. It’s our way of life.
To live that life of no boundaries and no limits, trust in your gear is mandatory. Don’t let your gear slow you down. You know that special moment when you make the perfect cast, or when something just works the way you need it to, when everything just clicks? It’s the feeling of euphoria. Our passion for high performing and high quality gear comes from our pursuit of that feeling. Our adventures demand it, so we build it, to capture the greatest experiences possible.

Made In Baxter, Minnesota, U.S.A.

EUFOURIC BRANDS is a family-owned and American-made outdoor brands company. Founded in 2019 by the Haglin family, EUFOURIC BRANDS is the family’s fourth business venture and draws on decades of product design, development, and manufacturing expertise along with a wealth of knowledge in the outdoor industry. We run our business with the core values of Teamwork, Relationships, Initiative, and Integrity. EUFOURIC BRANDS is headquartered in Baxter, Minnesota where we create high quality outdoor products for casual enthusiasts and serious outdoorsmen alike.

EUFOURIC branded products are made in the U.S.A. and built to set the highest standard of outlasting and outperforming. We call this